Electronic Keyboard Course


From classical to new age music, Piano and Keyboards can be found almost anywhere. Learning piano / Keyboard are also one of the best musical foundations you can have. Most professional musicians have some background in playing electronic keyboard. For anyone interested in composing, songwriting, or music theory, Keyboard is nearly essential. John Williams, composer for classic films to our own 2 Oscar winner AR Rahman is began his career as a keyboardist. But even if you don't care about playing professionally, Keyboard is a great way to learn to read music, train your ear, and have fun playing your favorite songs!

Keyboard is unique, in part, for the way it fully engages all parts of the mind and body. Although it's easy for young children and other beginners to learn how to play simple melodies, advanced keyboardist are capable of some truly awe-inspiring performances. Keyboardists are required to read more music than most other instrumentalists (both bass and treble clef, often simultaneously), play independently with both hands. This means that not only does learning keyboard promote coordination and musicality, but it fully engages the brain. An MIT study revealed that the cerebral cortex, a portion of the brain which is important in memory, attention, perceptual awareness, thought, language, and consciousness, was significantly more developed in subjects who had studied keyboard as opposed to similar subjects who had no musical training.

For both kids and adults, learning to play the Keyboard can be an incredibly rewarding experience, whether your goal is to become a concert Keyboardist or just to play songs at family gatherings for the holidays or just play your favorite songs.


What is the best age to start Keyboard lessons?

We offer group Keyboard lessons for students from 6 years old. We believe that this is an ideal ages to start their journey in music. We have developed a special approach to teaching these youngsters in a fun yet professional way. Children at this age learn how to play Keyboard from their first lesson, then from song to song they learn how to express emotions through the music, how to make songs better, how to read notes and finally get their songs ready for a recital. “We have so many happy parents who brought their children to the Keyboard classes at such young age. They were very skeptical about starting lessons for their 6 year children but were very impressed when after just 6 months they participated in our  annual day programs.

Indian Film Songs on Keyboard Course

Music is a strong medium which soothes the mind and soul. It gives tremendous joy and a feeling of fulfillment, if you are able to perform rather than just listen to music. In fact this is true for any form of music, dance and arts. Taking lessons from VM Music Academy is the best way to learn musical instruments.

If you want to learn to play Indian film song then yes we a special course for you..

Film songs on keyboard course… We will teach you how play Indian film songs  and how to take notes or chords form any song you hear..   

Call us for more details on this course +91-9940556519

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