Violin Class in Chennai

(Carnatic / Western)

                                   Our strings program offers group classes in violin. Our violin lessons start as young as age 5. Due to the size of the instrument. We teach students of all ages from children to adults.
Our violin teachers have university or college degrees in their instrument and many perform regularly with local orchestras or bands.


Why choose the violin over another instrument? "Because the violin is so versatile!" 

"You can play alone, choosing from hundreds of years' worth of solo repertoire from composers as diverse as Bach, Paganini, Bartok and John Adams. You can play with one friend who has a piano, or with three in a string quartet. You can play in a string orchestra or a full orchestra. And there are many more community orchestras than professional ones, so that anybody who wants to play in a group has a chance. And who says that you have to play only classical violin? Cultures all over the world use the violin because of its versatility. That's why we have so many styles of fiddling .. style all their own, and why the violin is so important in Indian music."

Children's can learn violin?

Yes they can! Younger students whose hands and bodies aren't large enough to handle a full-size violin may begin on smaller, student versions of the instrument, but kids as young as five can certainly begin learning how to play. Musical instruments like the violin are exciting new things to explore. Kids need encouragement, but the violin can be a great way for a kid to learn patience and discipline while still seeing plenty of results to stay excited about learning.

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